Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Suverve

The Comfort Rooms will always be my first-born, having been created back in 2007 from an obscure noob blog to how it is now (which is pretty much the same, lol). I have learned a lot from my experiences with this blog, plus the work that I have as an Internet Marketing professional (since 2007).

Flash forward to 2010, here comes a new website. It is called [su-verv], a social networking site that doubles as a review site for bars, clubs and restaurants in the country. What sets Suverve apart is that we are trying to build an online community for us Filipinos. People from different locales will get the chance to showcase what their city's bars, restos, and (and if there are) clubs had to offer to potential visitors.

If I can plead to you guys right now, (like hard-core pleading), please register at Suverve. Make reviews of your favorite bars, clubs and restaurants and promote your city as if there would be no tomorrow.

Check the site here on

Please! Thanks!

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