Friday, June 4, 2010

NBA Finals Game 1 (According To Twitter)

Ahhhh, nothing beats the feeling of a Laker victory over the Celtics. Just the look on Paul Pierce's face, the disappointment on KG with every fouls he's slapped with, the fact that Rajon Rondo wasn't fast enough to b*tchslap the Lakers was just

Not excatly revenge yet since we haven't defended our title yet. But a victory's a victory. Be it Game 1 or Game 7, a victory won during the playoffs is a victory gained.

However, I'm not the only one celebrating right now. People on their homes, on digg, on facebook, on twitter are on a social media frenzy. Nothing beats twitting about a victory gained by your favorite team right?! Here's some of the people who have twitted about the Lakers' game 1 victory. Your entry might even be selected on this post!

@carolchriss, The only reason for my happiness today was because the Lakers won. That made my day


@MelinHB, @DonnieWahlberg hey if Boston had won that's not the tune you would sing I love ya but Boston is going DOWN Go Lakers Go!

@ KamyP, Lakers won!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!   

@Tspoon23, @_AshBash Its Was Great...Lakers Won...I Ate A Couple Plates Of Nachos, Water, Sprite, Like 10 Cookies Nd I Got Leftover Cookies! lol  

@LFNxbiAWTCH, @SeniorluvDADDY they would be if they won. but they didnt. and lakers did. its finals. shit. better be hype. take yo ass 2 sleep  

Hope this will be a Lakers victory at the end of this series. Go Lakers! Win it! 

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