Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here Is Divine Comedy

One of my homies at work, during one of our chat sessions, said that I should seriously consider becoming a stand-up comedian one day. I was like "yeah" and almost instantaneously imagined that I was in a small stage on some restaurant or some comedy central-like atmosphere (here in Manila, that could be Onstage in Greenbelt) sharing a few jokes, making myself look really retarded, sometimes, even laughing at myself. "That should be a great way to express myself," I thought to myself.

Then I imagined the likes of Tim Tayag, Russel Brand, Dane Cook, Kathy Griffin, Ellen deGeneres, and just every other funny people who graced stages and made people laugh and laugh and laugh all over again. I thought of both Jessica Zafra and RJ Ledesma, who through writing, composed humor that is so witty, I find myself laughing while reading both their columns on my favorite broadsheet.

Though I honestly loved the compliment, I thought for me to make the effort to make people laugh would only make people not laugh at my jokes more. I mean, I thought the more spontaneous and random I am, the more funny I become. I love to entertain the people around me. I get bored easily, that's why it is kind of normal for me to do something really stupid to make people laugh. And all of that come spontaneously. I can pretend to a friend that he is my stalker when in reality we were just walking at a mall. Or I can just randomly say something stupid and make the people around me laugh.

I really love making people laugh.

And I guess that's just me on the surface. Cos I know every funny person has something inside that is the complete opposite of their funny persona.

And regarding my friend's compliment? I thought I should enrol to Tim Tayag's class first.

2 Responses to “Here Is Divine Comedy”

sub said...
June 26, 2010 at 1:10 PM

haha i know you can be funny. no need to elaborate man, maybe just being upstage will make the audience fart :lol:

kidding aside, why dont you join comedy cartel? (its a group of supercool swabe boys who loves to tell jokes -- according to them, haha) tim tayag (and other prof/celebs)is part of the group.

if you think you can do open mic comedy, which i think wont be too much effort on your part i suggest you join them. :P

and oh, btw...see you at the votre bar on thursday (its in sgt esguerra, near ABS) thursdays are open mic sure tim will be there :)

Raft3r said...
June 26, 2010 at 10:18 PM

you forgot to mention chelsea handler

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