Monday, June 7, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is The Biggest Coward Ever

You always know a chicken when you see one.

Undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has announced his intention to "semi-retire" from the sport that has brought him his fame and fortune. Any person who knows boxing know that Floyd Gayweather Jr. is just avoiding the much-asked-for clash with Manny Pacquiao.

It will not take the geekiest rocket scientist to figure out that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is just desperate to escape that multi-million dollar bout with Pacman. He is just afraid his unblemished zero losses record would be tarnished by the Filipino southpaw.

Before Manny Pacquiao became the Manny Pacquiao we know him today, it was Pretty Boy Gayweather that lorded over the ring. Mayweather was the number one pound-for-pound king while Pacman was the out-of-the-radar second. When Mayweather retired a few years ago, it was Pacquiao who took over the reigns as the new pound-for-pound king, creating new records in the sport by winning seven world championships in seven different weight divisions. Comparison between the two talented boxers grew bigger everytime Pacquiao outperforms Mayweather's against opponents the two has shared (e.g. Oscar Dela Hoya and Ricky Hattton).

When Mayweather returned to the ring, he was quick to rebutt Pacquiao's claims to the top spot of the boxing world, bashing the Filipino and his coach. The two prized boxers have won both their recent bouts and talks of an imminent mouth-watering clash became bigger and bigger. The Mayweather camp insisted that both boxers take blood sampling, since Mayweather has long claimed that Pacquiao takes performance-enhancing drugs. For months, it has been Mayweather's stranglehold to not let the fight happen since Pacquiao has objected blood sampling on days before the scheduled fight. It was found out that for Mayweather's most recent fight, it was during day 18 (or 16?) that he had his last blood sampling. So for Mayweather to insist that Pacquiao might even get random blood samplings on the day of the fight would actually make no sense since he himself hasn't done that during his last fight. Just to salvage that mouth-watering clash, Manny Pacquiao agreed that the fight be made, only that the blood samplings shouldn't be commenced too near the scheduled fight.

Now that Manny has agreed to do random blood samplings, Mayweather has now opted to semi-retire. Is that what we all boxing fans get from a chicken? Such a douchie huh?

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