Monday, June 28, 2010

Andrew Garcia On American Idol

First of, it's been awhile since I last posted here anything American Idol-related here on our favorite blog, The Comfort Rooms. As I was youtube-ing a few minutes ago, a thought came to my head telling me to go view Andrew Garcia and watch him perform "Forever" when he performed that on American Idol.
He was really, my favorite contestant this season. Though he has largely become a disappointment this season, this particular performance sparked off what was left from him on this show.
The song's acoustic version was actually nice sounding. Not the best song ever but it was good enough to allow you and your emotions ride thru it. The song made me imagine a faceless girl and me, with the dancefloor all for us to enjoy. Suddenly, I felt like loving again. So yeah, after I saw the youtube video, I hurriedly search for the chords of this song and after I'm done finishing this blog post, I will go downstairs and play the piano. Haha! No, I'm not the type who would record performance and uploading them on YouTube.

Watch Andrew Garcia here, I'm sure you'd understand why I'm raving about this performance.

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