Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Young JV

One thing I love about my blogging is that I don't get paid to write about stuff. Which means, I have the freedom to write and feature anyone and everyone I thought that would be worth my interest. Well, I once agreed to get paid (I felt like a whore) for an event but the money given to me couldn't even pay a month's worth of cellphone fees.

I wanna write about this Young JV kid I heard for the second time while channel browsing earlier this morning. The first time I saw his video (on MTV) I thought it was just another Fil-Am trying to make it big here. But I thought the hip-hop music he offered was authentic, being a hip-hop music lover myself. But that first "meeting" really didn't register well on my memory.

Fast forward to 2 hours ago, I was channel surfing when I got into Channel 65 (MYX) and again got the privilege to hear that new Fil-am who's making interesting hip-hop music. The voice was kinda okay, reminiscent of a T-Pain. But the music was good. Excellent in terms of Pinoy urban scene. Kinda like Sun Valley Crew all over again. He is a dead ringer to another Fil-am singer named JR Aquino whom I have featured on my blog around twice already.

Why am I featuring this kid? Because he can be amazing. A local Chris Brown, albeit less chessy and no woman-beating perhaps? Could be. A new Fil-am to make it big in the country. Certainly no. You know why? Because he isn't Fil-am at all! A definite home-bred! Which made it more special in my opinion. A Francis M in the future? That we'll have to see.

But to us all, let's keep an eye on this kid. He could really be something big some day.

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