Friday, August 28, 2009

Ruben Studdard - LeBron James

Ruben Studdard was the American Idol Season 2 winner. The one of only two American Idol seasons that weren't shown here in the Philippines. He was that season's teddy bear and people showered him with so much love, they made him that season's winner. Even the judges hailed his victory way before the final showdown, which he made and pit his man-pipes against the man-gay-diva-now father Clay Aiken.

Ruben, after countless youtube video screenings, is I think the plumper version of LeBron James. And LeBron is the thin version of Ruben. That was the impression I got after watching the Alabama native's videos over and over again.

You need no LeBron James intro, don't you? You must have known by now that he is currently NBA's biggest disappointment among active players. Why? Because he still has yet to win an NBA championship. He will one day. He's still young (around 24). Everybody in basketball circles know he will someday win the championship.

You think the two superstars in their own field look alike?

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