Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hate List

Call me a copycat. A couple of bloggers have already done this. I guess it really won't really be all that bad since I won't be outright copying their works. Others have written about a list of things that they liked. It was all at random. I don't know, I just thought of doing the same thing. But, I'm a do it differently. Instead of listing my favorite random things, I'm a list the things that I hate the most. Just random things, those things that passed through my mind. Maybe twenty things? Let's get started...

1. Pork
2. Pork Fat
3. Jeepneys that cut me out of nowhere.
4. Game shows that glorify people unnecessarily.
5. Leftists who instead of offering solutions to problems, offer effigies, shouts, spits, smelly sweats, and overly-used megaphones to national crises.
6. Hairy Boars (ewwww....)
7. Dogs that have become hairless because of parasites.
8. Bavarian-filled donuts.
9. People with their own Copernican theories (they thought the universe centered on them).
10. Loser politicians.
11. Men(?) on checkered scarves (the ones that looked Palestinian).
12. Men(?) on wintry scarves on tropical Manila.
13. Girls with overly powdered faces on denim jackets and pants with white knitted socks over leather girly shoes (I don't know how they're called!) with "Baguio" bonnets covering their heads (here in sunny Manila!).
14. Excessive camwhores.
15. Regine Velasquez on Kim San Soon.
16. Noisy people on restaurants.
17. PDA on Cinemas (sorry...)
18. People who don't know how to mute their phones.
19. Tourists who would take pictures just about everywhere (especially on street signs). I never did that (although I would if ever I would step foot on Abbey Road).
20. Internet Outage!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Hate List”

Jake Tornado said...
August 5, 2008 at 6:02 PM

How can you hate Regine Velasquez? She's so adorable in Kim Sam Soon...hehehe!

curbside_puppet said...
August 5, 2008 at 10:15 PM

i just hate her nose in that show! although i never got to watch it. i prefer computer screen over tv.

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