Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life As Maggie Wilson's Shadow

MTV asked me " If you had the privilege to follow a VJ around for a day, who would you choose and why"? Here's my answer. Thank You.

Before I start answering the abovementioned question, let me convince everyone that I will try my best not to sound a little bit, uhm well, stalk-ish. We’re clear on that, yeah? Good.

With the current crop of MTV Philippines' VJs, in a heartbeat, I'd choose to follow Ms. Wilson on any given day. But why on earth would I wanna follow her? Listen to my story silly. Well, do I have to mention the physical assets that come with the statuesque model that she is?

Let’s start with the obvious: olive skin, long shapely legs, bedimpled smile, that cute accent of hers, ahhhh the works. At first glance, you could mistake her for some Greek hottie who’d shout “opa!” anytime she wanted to. She’s that beautiful. Or maybe she’s that beautiful that she can play Mary Magdalene should Mel Gibson choose to remake his The Passion of the Christ.

Whenever I browse thru the lifestyle pages of our broadsheets here in Manila, it’s kinda hard not to come across Maggie. She’s pretty much everywhere! Thanks to her modeling background and her veejay-ing for MTV, she graces product launches, concerts, parties, and other events that make it to the lifestyle pages. Haven’t seen her in a cocktail party for some one-man show in some gallery though, anyways…

I can be with her for just one day. One darn day that consists of 24 long darn hours that consisted of 60 long darn minutes each. Easy does it huh? I can ask her personal assistant (alalay as Filipinos would call it) to take a day-off while I take care of Maggie’s affairs for that day. Armed with a trusty pen and a stenographer’s notebook, I’ll religiously jot down whatever it was that was needed to be recorded. Be it a shooting for the following day or some taping that she had to go to or even down to the brand of toilet paper she’d need while asking me to do the grocery for her.

Though I may not know kung-fu or may not be skilled in handling a .45 caliber Luger, I’ll try my best to protect the veejay for a day. I can put an umbrella on top of her head to cover her from rains and even open the car doors for her. That’s what personal assistants do after all, or wasn’t it bodyguards? Lol!

It should feel great to experience just one day in the life of a celebrity, an MTV VJ at that. Be Maggie Wilson’s shadow for one day? Why not! It would sure be a cool experience that I can tell my kids someday.

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