Thursday, November 27, 2008

When Zac Met Leo

Nope, its not of your when-boy-meets-sweet-girl stories. But more of a passing of mantle situation.

I remember wayyyyy back in 1996, i was in 6th grade, 2 years before graduating on grade school, girl classmates were all crazy over the star(Leo di Caprio) of Romeo and Juliet. I remember magazines such as Teen Beat and Bop and they would literally scream at the site of the young heartthrob.

Things were even WAY WORSE when Titanic came. By the way, I forced myself to cry during the movie but I failed to do so. Poor me.

Fast-forward a decade later, High School Musical is the biggest thing for teenagers. My youngest sister, girl cousins and even young girl churchmates were all having a crush on this guy(Zac Efron, that is). Nope, Bop and Teen Beat are all no longer around, but their Friendster profiles, celfone ringtones, and their Candy magazines have all got a Zac Efron in it!

Now here comes my argument: What were they conversing in on this photograph? Here are my hints:

1.) Leo Di Caprio was pleading to Zac Efron to stop singing and dancing his way to popularity unless he wanted to become the Next Lance Bass.

2.) Zac Efron was telling Leo that he is definitely a lot more hotter than him.

3.) Leo is asking if they could have dinner the following night.

4.)They will be doing High School Musical Four aboard the Titanic.

What do you think guys? Enjoy!

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