Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things That Defined My College Life

"Dear Mom and Dad," a young college student wrote, "I haven't heard from you for a long time. Please send a check so that I will know that you're all right."

Me? College graduate? Hmmm, not yet. It's been eight school years since I first became a college freshman. A lot of things had happened that became factors to who I am right now as a person. Eight years is long, but I'm sooo getting there.

I will list down the ten items that best described my college life...

1. Megaphone.
I was once active in student activism and although I'm not exactly proud of it since I have turned centric myself, at least the experience helped me to be matured enough to understand situations and current events.

2. Mead Notebooks.
I'm still pretty old school and bring notebooks to school. I only brought a laptop twice for some powerpoint presentation for the class. I usually got one notebook for the entire semester and I don't even get to reach the midway point of the notebook!

3. LRT.
It was in my freshman year when I first got to ride on the LRT/mass rail. Its not that I don't live in the metro, I just don't get to ride 'em.

4. Kickers.
It's great to wear your Kickers when your school got uniforms (I did). They're comfy and stylish. Can last the whole year. Looked great on my uniform as well!

5. Acoustic Guitar.
Nothing beats killing time than being with friends and jam along with the gitara. Its cooler compared to singing along to a karaoke.

6. Press ID.
I used it in college since I was a member of the university newspaper. It was cool wearing one cos it separates me from the happy-go-lucky crowd. However, the ID stereotypes me to a leftist which I really am not.

7. 2001 Mitsubishi Adventure.
It was my companion during my first three years in college. The best part about having a car during college is that I don't get sweaty before getting to class. I'm also spared during heavy rain days.

8. Cabs.
When I had no choice but to commute, I ride a cab to drive me home.

9. Baguio City.
For some reason, I always go to Baguio during my early part of college life. It was always a booze party FOR my friends. I was so accustomed to being in Baguio that I don't really pack my stuff going there.

10. cK Be.
Trust me, that cologne scent helped open up conversations for me.

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