Saturday, November 29, 2008

Graffiti Board on my blog

I posted a question on Yahoo! Answers that asks What Do You Think Of JDV's Latest Tirade?

Five people responded to my question and here are their replies:

Android: ahem... the man from pangasinan is back and full of vengeance. and pretty soon he will return to his hometown with nothing but only memories of his once political invincibility and tears in his eyes. oh and probably a lesson or two learned. you can't trust a fellow tra-po. you should have a back-up plan that will actually work.

Mutya P: I hope and pray that he won't go to jail for conspiracy and accessory to the crime.

Gintong Walls: He is telling the truth. The problem is Malacanang was able to bribe almost all the congressmen to trash the impeachment complain.

Jemay: TRAPO.

Tessa: JDV may have a legitimate complaint but he is dealing with Madame GMA, a superwoman who is not willing to be taken down and has the strong backing of politicians in her control. at this point she is untouchable! everyone could hardly wait for the next election.

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