Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Soccer’s new European champions speak Spanish. The victorious Spain team also speaks a different language on the field, and the rest of Europe better start learning it quickly.

Spain beat three-time champion Germany 1-0 in Vienna on Sunday, but a score like 3-0 would have been more accurate. The team coached by 69-year-old Luis Aragones showed how the game should be played.

Throughout the tournament, Spain used simple, close passing to cut through defenses and create top quality goals. They also were the masters of the counterattack.

The tactics drew many admirers. Among was former Scotland coach Andy Roxburgh, whose country has always underachieved on the international level. Just like Spain, which last won the European Championship in 1964.

Now head of UEFA’s technical committee, Roxburgh has been examining tactics and players for several years and has watched Spain’s emergence. He believes there is more to come after this European success.

“It may be interesting to know that some of us are not that surprised with the outcome here,” Roxburgh said Monday.

“For more than a decade now the top youth teams in Europe have been Spanish and we have been watching nearly all of this squad from a very young age. We just watched the last Spanish youth team because they just won the under-17s (European title) this year in Turkey and it was one of the best performances I have ever seen from a youth team. The Spanish are continuing to create the next generation.”

-copied from Yahoo! news

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