Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Got You Mom!

Earlier this evening, while eating my Mom's vermicelli soup, I cracked a joke at her that made her feel annoyed.

I was there, heartily eating one of my favorite comfort foods. Watching sports (more like warching the rain fall over Wimbledon) on our "environment-friendly" Samsung TV.

I asked my mom, "Hey, how much gas does your car eat up per liter?" She said, "Not sure."

"Isn't it like 12 liters per km?" I asked in return.

"Probably, why?", my mom retaliated.

"Coz I have in here a new car that eats 29.1 kms/liter gas consumption," I answered excitedly.

Mom didn't reply. She could be busy looking for some stuff over our piano. Or maybe she acted as if she didn't wanna know which car is that.

"It's actually an Audi A4 mom. But you have to pay like 2.16M pesos to get one."

On trying times like this, all of us would like to find ways to save up on gas. My dad interfered that the Filipino who "invented" the water-powered car went to our factory one day to show documents regarding his discovery. My dad then showed the said documents to one of his friends who's in the crude oil business. This friend of his said that a car powered by water is obviously impossible. And like I expected that oilman to give that answer.

But anyways, I feel bad for my mom for giving those false hopes. We'll just wait for the day that electric cars become cheap and mass-produced.

2 Responses to “I Got You Mom!”

Jake Tornado said...
July 4, 2008 at 1:17 PM

12 liters per km? That's outrageous.

With the pump prices spiraling, it's a good thing my 2nd hand Mazda 323 is resting in the garage for a while (read: grounded electrical). I'm back to my older (ever-reliable) Mitsubushi Lancer GLXi. (Talk about "kakuriputan" 'coz I won't be buying a brand new car until my two cars reach their permanent retirement.) :)

Curbside Puppet said...
July 4, 2008 at 10:01 PM

TYPO ERROR! It was 12 kms PER liter! NOT the other way around! thanks for noticing that jake!

it was 12 kms per liter!

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