Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Norweigan Lovin'

Beta Blogger For Dummies is a blog specifically made for those who would want to widen their blog knowledge. It has been a good source for me to improve on my blogging. For me it is the HOLY WRIT of the blogosphere.

Beta Blogger suggested that I should...

there, I should make a facebook profile for my blog. And that's what I did. So on July 10, 2008 I made The Comfort Rooms its own Facebook profile. If you want, add to your list of Facebook friends! Let's all do the cyberlove lovin'!

Since Asians, Filipinos, and Utah friends are very easy to compel into visiting my site, I thought, why won't I target Europeans, South Americans and Australians? I tried facebook search terms that were not too obvious (university of oslo or universidad de buenos aires) to look for potential facebook friends and future visitors to my blog.

You know what, from the 50 Norwegians that I invited, 28 of them approved of my invitation! That meant more than the half of those I invited approved of my request! They weren't really snobbish at all although some did ask in English who I was. I didn't really mind their asking and I in fact appreciated it more!

Unlike people from other countries that I tried to befriend, people from this country topped it for me. Takk!

1 Responses to “Norweigan Lovin'”

ROneiluke said...
July 30, 2008 at 3:32 PM still consider myself one of the 'dummies' when it comes to blogging...thanks for the info...chow!

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