Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Haka Dance

If there is one thing that my best friend from New Zealand loved to talk about, that would be the Haka dance performed by his country's rugby team. Sal (his name) is a big All Blacks fan, the national rugby team of New Zealand and happened to be the most successful team in the history of rugby.

The Haka is a traditional Maori dance performed by a group. The dance involves the use of the hands, arms, legs, feet, voice, eyes, tongue and the body as a whole combined to express courage, annoyance, joy or other feelings relevant to the purpose of the occasion. The dance is performed especially on important occassions.

There are different types of the Haka and the one frequently chanted by the All Blacks would be the "Ka Mate," a haka that celebrates life over death. I tried to put the chant and translation here but I got lazy and I will just give you a credible link to the Haka chant.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video instead courtesy of YouTube.

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