Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Lakers Are Swimming An Ocean

Kobe and the Lakers survived the Suns
If only basketball experts were looking, everyone should mind the Lakers. Since the All-star weekend  a month back, two-time defending champs have gone 13-1 with that sole loss coming in from Miami.

If the Eastern Conference is still a warzone between front-runners Boston, Chicago and Miami, the West (whether we may like it or not) has virtually become a no-contest competition with the Lakers almost shoo-in for the NBA Finals.

They may night dominate the regular season but with the way they are performing post-NBA All Stars, everyone will agree that this Lakers, the most dominant team of the past decade is definitely back. Others may take regular season honors, others may have the consensus regular season MVP. It's ok. The Lakers don't even look there. They look at what will happen in June of 2011 - to hoist that NBA Champions Trophy for the third-straight time.

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