Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laker Fan Feels For Miami Heat Woes

After yet another loss, what could be on LBJ's mind?
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/ Getty Images
Miami Heat is now on a 0-5 run since the All-Star weekend. It's horrendous I know. But for a team with so much cockiness, some people might actually find relief on their woes (it's true).

Following a blowout victory over the Lakers last Christmas, the Heat suddenly became a team that it has promised to become: strong, dominating, ruthless and most of all, championship-worthy. For a championship-hungry team, they put all stops into finally ending the Lakers domination in the league. However, all talk and cockiness has suddenly disappeared. Now even they're players were bitter about their woes.

Dwayne Wade even went as far as declaring their team the "most hated" in the entire league. C'mon, I thought Lakers is the most hated team. Almost everyone I know who isn't a Laker fan is a Laker hater. I don't think the Heat is the most-hated. People could be put off by their arrogance and cockiness. Besides. the LeBron-Dwayne-Chris (Bosh) troika declared an NBA Championship right before the season started.

As a Laker fan, I'm not celebrating over Miami Heat's woes. I'd rather concentrate on their game come Thursday.

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