Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chiz Escudero

I used to like Chiz Escudero. He positioned himself as this young politico out to save the country from political turmoil. He made the bashes and comentos requisite for an opposition leader. The new champion of the masses? Sounded like Ramon Magsaysay to me.

He could be this generation's Ninoy Aquino. I won't argue with that. He has got this universal appeal, charming his way from the masses, to the workers, the youth, the young professionals, and the elite.

People want him to run for presidency this early. I think it is one crazy thought. Though yeah, it is true that he is the best, I mean the only decent candidate coming from his erstwhile political party, the Nationalist People's Coalition.

A few hours ago, he announced his intention to get off of his political party. My mind wandered some 80 years ago when Manuel L. Quezon made his famous statement: Loyalty to one's party ends when loyalty to one's country begins. Amazing statement. It shows how a person looks at the broader spectra to see things clearer. I have the video of Chiz' announcement pasted. Courtesy of ABS-CBN. Listen to his 10-minute statement.

Sounded really promising you think? Now, listen to what were the hearsays last night.

Or maybe read this article from Too bad, YouTube still doesn't have Ted Failon's interview of Chiz Escudero regarding the events that happened a few hours ago. Chiz was kind of erratic. He had the signs of a trapo there. His flowery language could not camouflage the fact that he could not answer directly Ted Failon's (and also Karen Davila's) questions thrown at him live on TV Patrol World.

I still like Chiz. Wait for him on 2016 or even 2024. He's still young. Meanwhile, I'm still not sure whether to vote for Noynoy or Manny Villar next year. For sure, my vote will not be placed on an Erap or an unexperienced Chiz.

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Raft3r said...
November 1, 2009 at 4:24 PM

abs-cbn news?
you can do better than that

think karen davila, ted failon, ces drilon
ang tataas ng credibility factors ng mga yan

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