Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's go climbing?!

from L-R (TOP) Popocatepetl, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Kinabalu. (BOTTOM) Kilimanjaro, Uluru, and The Rock of Gibraltar

In this season to go a-binging, I bet everyone would turn two to three inches bigger and probably some five pounds heavier. The main culprit? Christmas parties, Christmas feasts, Noche Buenas, and all other reason to go partying and eating.

After Christmas and New Year, all that would be left will be over-used credit cards, tired wallets, overworked feet, excess fruit cakes, calendars (as if 10 calendars is not enough), shirts, and a fully-loaded fridge. Tis the season for extra flabs and poundages!

No wonder, hitting the gym would top everyone's New Year's resolution.

I wanna climb mountains. I think its tourism, cultural immersion, and fitness rolled into one. I can't go for a Himalayan, Andean or Mt. McKinley type of mountaineering just yet. I'm quite a novice.

Almost all of the mountains that I've featured are relatively easy climbs, although I'm quite partial to both Popocatepetl(Mexico) and Sugar Loaf Mountain(Brazil). Man, Kilimanjaro's ice sheet is fast vanishing. It was said that in a few years, all of its ice would be gone. But before all of the hielo would be gone, let me climb the famous volcano along with the other six!

Enjoy the day!

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