Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why Do I Blog?

Reasons are aplenty on why I chose to do blogging.
Here are my reasons (I don't how many would this be!):

1. I create my own world through my blog
2. I always wanted to have my own page that I don't have to pay for web hosting
3. Pre-designed templates are heaven sent, a great way to express myself
4. I make new friends and acquaintances (like I'm serious)
5. I can express myself freely here, to talk about current events, personal stuff and other things online and to be read by others is an honor
6. I don't know any more, I guess I'm just PLAIN ADDICTED TO IT!

what are your reasons for blogging amigos?
Send in your answers through mu comments page!

Thanks friends! Enjoy your life! :)

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