Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#worstlapdancesong is a Twitter trending topic! Lol!

Twitter can be one of the most random places on earth ever. People can just come up with random stuff that would trend. Someone initiates it then it is picked up by others. In a matter of hours, the whole world picks it up. Everybody talks about it, you got a Twitter trending topic there. Twitter has made the whole world even smaller. Who would have thought that the college jock from Georgia will be talking and laughing at the same thing at the very moment with a pharmacy owner from Bangladesh? Only Twitter makes it possible - and how wonderful it really is. What would be one of Twitter's trending topics today? Believe it or not, a hash tag called #worstlapdancesong is the number 3 trending topic tonight. =)

When I saw a friend some 20 minutes back twit with that hash tag, I thought that was freaking hilarious. Why would anyone just think of that? With twitter, any topic can be the next trending topic. People from the twitverse has come up with some of the most bizaare of answers on what they thought would be the worst lap dance ever.

Answers include the following:

-Amazing Grace
-Who Let The Dogs Out
-God Bless America
-Dora The Explorer Song
-Barney songs
-If You're Happy And You Know Clap Your Hands
-Friday (Rebecca Black)
-The Itsy Bitsy Spider
-Feliz Navidad
-We Are The World
-Mama (Boyz II Men)
-and tons of other songs. I came up with 'Greatest Love of All" from Whitney Houston and "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of" from Lizzie Maguire OST.

Random tweets like these make Twitter a lot more enjoyable.

1 Responses to “#worstlapdancesong is a Twitter trending topic! Lol!”

Raft3r said...
May 26, 2011 at 8:00 PM

hindi ko ma-gets ang twitter

i'm baaack!!!

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