Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anti-RH Bill Is Bullcrap

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Political discussions will always be welcome in my country. In the middle of all the neighborhood gossips and telenovelas, of Manny Pacquiaos and Willie Revillames, it will always be a welcome change when people actually talk about things that matter: family life, education, goals, employment, religious faith and politics. In a country that worships boxers and international singing sensations, moments when people talk about politics would always be treasured.

In support of my earlier statement, I'll say it again. Anti-RH Bill is one piece of bullcrap. The Catholic Church has been forcing the issue about how it is un-Christian and anti-Christlike of pro-RH Bill supporters and how they ignite their faithful into supporting them just shows how cunning and corrupt they really are. They are corrupting the minds of their faithful. Them telling their faithful that it is evil to support such law is a lie and prevents the members to choose for themselves. RH Bill gives the couple a choice if they wanted to form a child or not. Sexual intercourse is more than just about procreating human beings but it is also used to provide for intimate moments and physical bonding between couples. I dunno why staunch anti-RH Bill supporters tend to forget that part.

With every time a woman conceives a child, how sure are we that she really intended to get pregnant and not just a product of a steamy night of copulation? And when she does get pregnant, how sure are we that couples are emotionally and financially mature to raise such a child well? You see, RH Bill gives couples a choice. In light of all this poverty going on around us, the RH Bill will help couples maintain and aim for a higher standard of living. Of course, killing a child from the mother's womb will always be unallowed, unless it provides health hazard to the mother.

And oh, the Catholic Church should back off. They're the devil here.

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Raft3r said...
May 26, 2011 at 8:02 PM

maisulong man yan o hindi, ganito pa rin at walang pagbabago sa sitwasyon ng mga pinoy

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