Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eye To Eye And Not Liking It

Just saw your face on Facebook
Never seemed to like it since you made my college life suck some seven years ago.
It sounds way too pathetic I know, 
but thanks to you, I lost a lot of friends.

A whole. Lot. Of Them.

You made my college life suck.
Not wanting it any longer.
Questioned myself.
Am I really worthless?
Why did I deserve that?
Thanks for all the crap you made me feel that I was anyways.

I hate it that I haven't recovered eversince.
Call it pride.
Call it hard-headedness.
Call it over-reaction.
Call it whatever-term-you wanna-call-it.

I don't care.

What I know is that my college life and college friends were gone.
Because of you.
You made me feel like the most unwanted person ever.
Good thing I never heard the laughs.
If I did, I would have cried inside.
You know I can't harm people.
I'm scared.
Still scared.

I still hate you.

1 Responses to “Eye To Eye And Not Liking It”

sakura said...
August 20, 2010 at 1:10 PM

Strong stuff!

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