Monday, March 29, 2010

My URCC Baptism of Fire

I thought I choked testosterone.

Freaking all hell broke loose last Saturday night. Testosterone filled the A.Venue Hall to brimming capacity. It was a night where being barbaric was the coolest thing ever. It was beyond exhilarating for me. It was the URCC XVI: Reckoning. It was the year's biggest MMA event in the Philippines!

If it ain't for Josh Villegas, I wouldn't get an all access pass to the event. So thanks! (And the photos here come from Rap Dorilag, thanks as well!)

The truth is, I'm a local MMA noob. I know UFC. I know that Alvin Aguilar (who I got to shake hands earlier in the event) leads the URCC. I've been familar with the local MMA's existence for 9 years now but I don't know any of the local fighters except for Erwin Tagle and Froilan Sarenas, which were not among the featured fighters.

There were 10 featured fights that evening. I honestly didn't know any of the fighters. But nonetheless, I screamed, I "woahed", I stood, I got excited and I got sweaty with every blow, kick, and what-have-you the fighters did on the local "octagon". And it was sincere. Not a poser kind of thing cos it was pretty danggggggggggggggg hard to pretend you're enjoying the fights with you standing up, shouting "woah", get excited, and all that.

Angelito Manguray, the 42 year old doctor, was an interesting person. You can always excel in your profession of choice but it doesn't mean that it will block you from fulfilling what you love the most. In his case, it was his martial arts.

Richard Lasprilla and Eduard Folayang both gave the most exciting moments of the night, with both winning their bouts. People went a little more pumped up and crazy. And I think at that point, I finally got to understand why MMA is such a craze. I honestly couldn't remember if there was a cash prize involved. And I don't think money was the reason why these people do MMA. It was the excitement, the intensity, the vigor, the sense of competition, the killer animal instinct.

2 Responses to “My URCC Baptism of Fire”

Raft3r said...
April 3, 2010 at 7:47 PM


happy easter, bunso!

Jerick said...
April 3, 2010 at 9:23 PM

yeah. it was really astig. happy easter as well kuya!

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