Friday, March 12, 2010

My Pizza And Pasta Afternoon With Bongbong Marcos

It should be one of the most weird 30 minutes I have ever had in my entire life. I was the obvious oddball, seeing how everybody seemed to know each other and observing that I just get passed by by most of the bloggers in attendance not even bothering to make me feel more comfortable since I was the only one not everybody knows. Though it wasn't everybody's charge to be more friendly and stuff (they could probably be shy or what-not) but I thought at least one of them, especially the ladies, could have at least made me feel more welcome. I was the only one that everyone does not know. But thanks to Mister Leslie Bocobo who invited me over for the merienda event with Bongbong Marcos. You made me feel important there.

So there I was, realizing that after 30 minutes, Bongbong Marcos still wasn't there. Of course I was kinda pissed off that this man would be late for the meeting. That was a minus point from me. The meeting hasn't even started yet, I said to myself.

Amidst a sea of MacBooks, MacBook Airs, Lenovo Idea Pads, and Lenovo Think Pads, the son of the late strongman arrived. What I loved upon first meeting him was the fact that he wasn't exerting an annoying effort to be extra bubbly and friendly, common among politicians courting for our precious votes. He was just cool and normal to me.

Funny how some introduced themselves and told Congressman Marcos that they're connected to him. We came from the same school or My mom is the blah-blah-blah of your blah-blah. In my mind, I was like, "Are you guys sure Bongbong would really care if you are connected to this and that"?

Anyhoo, the food was great. We had lasagna, pasta primavera, clubhouse sandwich, kasoys (sarap!) and that seafood pizza which I couldn't stop eating using my fingers. This is a free meryenda, I'd eat my way through it! Haha!

Questions have been asked to Mr. Marcos. However, I felt kinda disappointed with the questions he was being asked. Cos I thought all the people needed to do was to look up the dyaryo and read what Marcos had to say regarding issues. You know, the questions were about the power crisis, what would be his agenda for the youth (which I thought was a really lame question), and others. I was thinking about maybe deviating away a bit from the line of questioning that he was being asked. Since I love sports, my question was how he could stop the POC-PSC wars, which I think is a big pain in the butt.

When Bongbong answered, I knew he was familiar with Filipino sports, which I thought was impressive. We shared the same helpless feeling, although his was more pronounced because he knew who to pinpoint for the blame. He knew that for as long as the corrupt sports officials (from the POC) are still there, we will never really succeed in sports. Like every politician, he believed the private sector would be of great help by financing our athletes' training.

Of course, he wanted his father to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. He joked about the urban legend that the real Bongbong is really dead. He shared his dream to someday perform with Mick Jagger. He spoke of his belief in the Filipino. If there was one thing that I really liked about him, it was his belief that solutions to national problems should not be political, or popular in nature. As he was explaining his argument, I thought he made sense.

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Kristina Tividad said...
April 13, 2010 at 10:06 AM

Just saw this, Je. I have always believed that Bongbong is a think tank, a decisive leader, a breath of fresh air. He has his own tools to share - wisdom and skills.

I can only hope that people will view him as an individual, as Bongbong. Not as "Ferdinand's son."

He will make a good senator.

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