Sunday, September 6, 2009

Near Death Experience

If I were to believe what Facebook has predicted would be my own death, I would have stopped breathing on this exact date and exact minute doing this exact specific thing:I know it would be the most retarded thing ever to believe what Facebook predicted would be my death but it won't hurt either if I would take this as a health warning.

Who wants to kill himself because of too much eating? I don't. Who wants to suffer a stroke and get paralyzed sitting on a wheel chair, I certainly wouldn't want either. My maternal grandmother has been paralyzed for a good 6 years before she died 6 years ago and her suffering was not the best thing you would wanna see.

In a way, I guess people get sick so that we can learn from them. A relative died of lung cancer, thanks to his cigarette smoking. A family friend died on a car accident while being heavily intoxicated and cruising along a not-so-occupied Fort Bonifacio Global City road eight years ago.

I just had this feeling that whatever it was we were eating would determine the kind of life we will be experiencing should we hit 50 years and beyond.

I love my life, but loving it involves a whole lot of responsibility. Life is worth living and enjoying. I should take good care of it.

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