Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So What If Roger Wept?

What's the big fuss with Roger's crying anyways?

Some people thought it was a big deal saying he was a drama queen, blah blah. I dunno, I took offense over that one. Am I sounding funny here? Who cares.

Even Nadal felt sorry for what had happened. He knew he took HISTORY away from The Fed, albeit temporarily.

But still, 6 Grand Slams is still light years away from 13.


I'm happy for Jelena Dokic. At least she's back again. The Christina Ricci-deadringer should be stomping her mark once again and I predict a second week showing at Wimbledon for her this year, an event she's been the most successful before.

I will be looking forward to her first match against Ana Ivanovic. That should be something to look forward to. Haha!


And speaking of Ana Ivanovic, I'm happy for Fernando Verdasco. I hope he really is better than other Spanish pretenders (a.k.a. David Ferrer and Tommy Robredo) who turned out to be big jokes after all. I just thought he could be Rafa's effective support system.

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