Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Joys Of Blogging

I think the blogosphere is the avenue for people like me (who didn't graduate at UA&P and had connections like others had) who dream of making it to write for magazines and newspapers. Ey, I felt I was unfair over that one. Sorry, I know I am at least partly right. I am being unfair to those who can actually write but to those who just could not, I am lambasting you guys. Lol!
I was an avid Young Star reader when I was on my teens. Young Star was, and still is, the Friday lifestyle section of The Philippine Star. The way those guys constructed sentences, the way they look at certain issues, was just me!
I spoke to a classmate, who also loved to write, about my wanting to try it out as a YS writer. She said my plan was cool. But did I have connections? Hmmm, that was 10 years ago, I knew people from GMA-7 back then, but it was not The Philippine Star, I had an uncle who worked for Manila Bulletin but I hate that newspaper! I guess I had no connections. Too bad, I'd be spending the next eon reading what Tim Yap and Celine Lopez had to stay (I don't read them at all! Especially when they talk about the latest spring/summer collection of whichever designer, I don't care!).
I was thinking about 50 Cent's debut album called Get Rich or Die Trying. It was right. Life depends on what you do about it. You can't sulk over in one corner and blame the President or poverty itself as the main reason to your misery. Madam, ever heard of hard work? B
laming others will do you nothing. Better work your way up there, right?
As I was saying a while ago, Blogging has been the answer to my wanting to be a writer. Think I made some pretty nice articles over here huh? I admit not all, but there are some worth mentioning and praising. Care to dig deep to find them?

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