Friday, May 16, 2008

Who Says Gas Price Is On The Rise?

If you'd look closely, you will see the gas prices in Manila reached heights that we never thought we would be reached.

I was never really worried with diesel gas prices. I always have this thinking that it will always be cheaper than gas so I don't really mind about diesel prices. But now, it has breached the P40-level! I'm now worried about oil prices! Now, Gas has gone over P50! That's how bad the situation has become!

Now that everything's going up, who would want to go bankrupt first? Certainly not me! That's why I'm looking for other ways to keep myself at bay from the crisis. Should bikes be better alternatives to raging oil prices? How about working at home? At least I have the option to just stay at home and work.

Whatever the heck we might think of as a solution, it won't change the fact that prices are going up big time! Would winning the lottery be the only logical solution left?

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