Thursday, May 15, 2008

Justine Retires From Tennis

The news of her abrupt and shocking retirement from the sport has surely surprised everyone who has got to admire that smashing one-handed backhand of hers. Her small frame was not even a problem to her clinching 7 grand slam titles, 41 singles titles, nearly $20 million in prize money and over 100 weeks on top of the women's singles rankings.

Justine's certainly a person that will be missed terribly by all those who love tennis. Here's what her peers has got to say about her sudden retirement:

"Pound for pound, Justine is the greatest player of her generation, Justine is an extraordinary player and a special person, and a true champion—both in tennis and in life." -Billie Jean King, tennis legend.

"It’s obviously a shock for the tennis world." Roger Federer, current men's world number one.

"She was a great champion and she gave me a world of trouble." Serena Williams, former women's world number one.

"She always challenged herself to play her best tennis no matter what the circumstances. She was just a real fighter, so I think that was really what made her best." Venus Williams, former women's world number one.

"Justine Henin will be remembered as one of the all-time great champions in women’s tennis, and a woman who made up for her lack of size with a will to win and fighting spirit that was second to none. It is rare that an athlete leaves at the very top of her game in this day and age, but Justine has always played by her own rules, in the very best sense of those words." Larry Scott, WTA Tour CEO.

Justine will always be remembered as a gritty girl from Belgium who shocked the world with her amazing determination, talent, and nerves of steel. Merci de rendre le tennis plus passionnant.

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