Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thoughts On The Lakers-Spurs Series

If I were to summarize what happened earlier (Lakers won btw, hahaha!), I will be menntioning a few players from both teams and give these players short desciptions regarding what they have accomplished on this all-important game. Ready? Let's start with...

Sasha Vujacic(LAL) - Such an angel. Mostly underrated but very effective in defending against Parker.

Kobe Bryant(LAL) - Basketball man-god. Anything that needs to be pointed in here?

Brent Barry(SAS) - The evil prick in the series. He keeps on making three pointers, the same goes with the monkey Michael Finley.

Tim Duncan(SAS) - Chronically boring.

Manu Ginobili(SAS) - THE dead chicken of the entire series. Thanks chicken!

Jordan Farmar(LAL) - Who would have thought he would be productive whenever Kobe's resting?!

Lamar Odom(LAL) - The Spurs had NO answer to him. Haha!

Derek Fisher(LAL) - In my opinion, the disappointment from the Lakers squad. His foul troubles make it harder for him to guard Parker.

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