Monday, April 11, 2011

MVP Set To Buy Sacramento Kings For $260 Million?

New Sacramento Kings owner?
Never in my lifetime would I have imagined a Filipino owning an NBA team. That's why when I read on paper yesterday about this Filipino businessman who would be almost too certain would become the new Sacramento Kings owner, I just couldn't help but feel really excited.

The report said that the Filipino businessman has interests in telecommunications, power, infrastructure, food, etc. If you're a Filipino who knows about business and the local economy, it would be easy to figure out that the report refers to Manny V. Pangilinan - unarguably the biggest business maverick in the country for at least the past decade.

Word has it that MVP has been in talks with the Sacramento Kings representatives and that he has been short-listed as the most probable buyer of the franchise.

If this pulls through, MVP will be put in the same breath as Jay-Z, Pat Riley, Mark Cuban and other owners of NBA clubs. This can also possibly translate to having a Filipino (pure-bred from the Philippines) in the NBA finally!

As a basketball-loving fan, how excited are you about this wonderful possibility?

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