Thursday, October 14, 2010

If I Was One Of The Chilean Miners

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News
So all of the Chilean miners have been saved by now. I was surprised when two officemates didn't even know what the heck it was that happened in Chile. I know Chile and the Philippines are a universe and a half apart but with the technology we got, I thought it was close to impossible to have not been able to come across that news. Or maybe they just didn't care. Anyways...

If I were one of the Chilean miners, I would have been very afraid. Why? Because I'm claustrophobic. I hate cramp and closed spaces. I would have had severe asthma attacks every single dark and dreary day there.

I would have had a reflection of sorts about my life. Since I'm a blogger, I think my blog would have been a superstar blog by now since I would have been recounting every single day whatever it was that we did there and write it everyday on the blog. Of course, I would have prayed more sincerely. Like Jonah inside the whale's belly, I would have had a serious wrestle with my Lord and Savior and hopefully, would have had a remission of all my sins.

Once I would have been taken out from the abyss and into the surface, I would have cried a big cry, not being able to utter a single word in about five minutes, just hugging my family to death (not literally) and kneel down and pray.

I would have ordered two Quarter Pounders from McDonald's coupled with a huge 22oz. rootbeer. I don't know if I would love the media attention. All I would have wanted to do, was just rest and sleep and watch tv and hug my family over and over again.

2 Responses to “If I Was One Of The Chilean Miners”

ph1l1p said...
October 18, 2010 at 10:06 PM

traumatic talaga 'to...

Raft3r said...
October 20, 2010 at 6:30 PM

galing talaga ng human spirit, ano?

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