Friday, January 30, 2009

When Being Friendly Doesn't Do The Trick...

Growing up, I've been told to be always nice to every person I meet along the way. I think it is a universal and human thing to be learned by everyone. Being nice to everyone makes a person be more appreciative, more humble, and generally, become more likeable. Parents want their kids to grow up becoming God-fearing and full of morals. Being friendly should definitely come along the way. All religions teach their members to be humanly friendly (should there be such a word) for sure.

Of course, I've had my lapses from time to time. I've been b*tchy to some people, I admit. I say things I should never have said that would hurt others. I have prejudged people unfairly. But after going back to my senses, I ask for forgiveness. But generally, I still consider myself nice. I guess being nice and friendly doesn't always come on a singular package.

However, your being friendly doesn't always mean people will like you. In the first place, would you make yourself nice so that others will like you? Would that be a great enough reason to be nice? Or it would have been better to be nice because that's generally what you feel inside? You just wanna spread love to others without asking for anything else. I think that would be the perfect reason why we should be nice.

As I've said, I've had my lapses. I thought I've been nice lately for my personal gain, I wanted more friends. I thought wanting more friends wasn't exactly selfish, right? But I don't know, being friendly doesn't always do the trick.

You can't really force a person to be friends with you. I know I'm frustrated. I guess karma had me suffer this since I've been not so nice towards others. Sigh. Man, I guess I know the reason to my query. I'm on a deadend right now. Peace.

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