Thursday, December 4, 2008

Give A Damn (name of the event!)

GIVE A DAMN is an Indiejam worldwide campaign to make people more aware of different social issues and initiatives in their own countries through a series of benefit concerts. The idea is to give local indie and unsigned musicians a venue to get their music heard and at the same time raise funds for their own countrymen in need. There are SO MANY people out there who desperately need our help, and most of them are just outside our doorsteps. And sometimes as much as we'd like to do something about it, it's just so damn hard to do it alone.
We at IndieJam don't want to do it alone. In fact we believe so much that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME that we want EVERYONE to be involved. We owe it to our mommaland to make sure our brothers and sisters are well taken care of.

as copied from the company website

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