Monday, October 6, 2008

Amazing Race Asia 3

I can get away without having to watch television. Internet has compensated it anyways. News and especially sports events are available online so it almost is no problem anymore. However, if Amazing Race or Amazing Race Asia is on the offing, I need to get it straight out of the boob tube!
Maybe it's the competitve nature in me, or the streetsmarts that I have, or the love to go places I've never been to made me love the show. Except for a few Amazing Race seasons (a.k.a. the Family Edition), I was able to watch ALL seasons of both franchises!
Amazing Race Asia 3 has been dubbed as the toughest race ever over and over again by Allan Wu. And he was telling the truth. More than just a test of physical strengths, the race has becoming more of a test of endurance of the body, emotions, and the mind. I mean, I can't even stand a 25 hour bus ride, not to mention riding a non-airconditioned one, only to change tires an old, big truck by the end of the terminal (it happened on episode 3)!
The Race is at its toddler stages, with 6 teams remaining, and no non-elimination legs yet. A few teams have stood out for me and none of them has been eliminated yet! Here are the four teams:

Geoff and Tisha (RP) - of course, I'm gonna love my country's representative! Actually, all remaining six teams have almost equal chances of winning, so I guess they're still in good standing, except for the fact that they're dead last right now out of all remaining teams. But if the spoiler I heard will turn out to be true, it would turn out that they will place BETTER than Rov and Marc!

Sam and Vince (HKG)- my favorite non-Filipino team from Hong Kong. They're funny. They have nice one-liners. Sam (the vertically-challenged one [sorry Sam!]) and his booty dance and Vince's sudden outbursts made me love the team. And if the spoilers were all correct, they end up, uhm, end up uhm...

Ida and Tania (MAS) - i think these two ladies are the craziest bunch this year! Both priveledged, they seem nice, happy-go-lucky, and cowboy enough for the race! Watch the race and it won't be difficult to fall in love with these two ladies! Especially Tania! Uber-crazy!

Mai and Oliver (THA) - it will be unfair of me to not mention these two because infairness to them both, they were one of my favorites when the race started. However, episode 4 made them look like they were starting to look like villains. But hey, I still like them both!

5 Responses to “Amazing Race Asia 3”

salingPUSA said...
October 6, 2008 at 1:44 PM

go Geoff and Tisha!!!! go get them.....

hope we make it this time.

Sam said...
October 6, 2008 at 7:21 PM

hey jerick!
Sam here.
Glad we have your support!!!
I really like your description of us. Quite accurate! lol

Curbside Puppet said...
October 6, 2008 at 9:29 PM


check out the spoilers!!!!


thanks for the visit sam! you have my support of course! the chinese side of me roots for you two!

gillboard said...
October 10, 2008 at 7:22 AM

I would love team Philippines as well... thing is, they're editing the show to make Geoff and Tisha look like asses. I think they're the most hated of everyone, from what I've seen so far.

Curbside Puppet said...
October 10, 2008 at 10:03 PM


well, i can't really blame the editors. they needed to make a "story" out of the race. even natalie got disappointed with the editors coz they made her look too primadonna.

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