Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Thought About Different Universities

Have you seen your school logo? Chances are, you might have not, or maybe you did. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of schools that are spread (more like splattered) all across the metro. Some are exclusive all-girl schools, others large public universities, and others situated in between numerous other universities in one overtly-crowded city district.
Some schools here in the metro entails students to wear uniforms, others don't. Others ask for very expensive tuition and fees and others ask for an amount not greater than the price of a pair of brazilian flip-flops.
The title itself explains the primary motive of this post, that is, I will be sharing my insights about different colleges and universities in the metro. I may not be able to give a comment on each school that I have put in here, but I will instead comment on schools which I deem will be credible enough to be believable.

University of the Philippines (UP)

- according to them, there are only two schools in the country, THEM and others. If you study in UP, then it means only one thing, YOU ARE AMONG THE COUNTRY'S SMARTEST. It is both a fact and an opinion. But hey, at least I passed their exam.
Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)
- the only school wherein I never passed their entrance exam. I believe Ateneans get more respect than their La Sallian counterparts. It is just my opinion.
De La Salle University (DLSU)
- at least it is more commuter-friendly compared to Ateneo! However, I beg to disagree regarding the "dumb" jokes that this school gets because two of my cousins who graduated there are smart. Dumb La Salle jokes are a thing of the past.
College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB)
- dumbest of the dumb jokes about them have luckily, been stopped. There are too many Koreans in that school!
University of Santo Tomas (UST) and Far Eastern University (FEU)
- both schools come from the same category. People from all walks of life study there. With UST of course, coming in on top.
St. Paul's Quezon City (SPC-QC)
- they're everywhere, haven't you noticed it! And I believe, they have the most lesbian couples that I saw in my entire life.
Miriam College (MC) and Assumption College (AC)
- If Miriam still had guys invited over to study college, I would have studied and graduated there! Assumption, I really don't know much, except for the fact that every girl who studied in Assumption during grade school and high school have studied in a different school for college and a friend of mine from a coed attended Assumption for college.
University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P)
- what can I say? Students here are rich?

2 Responses to “My Thought About Different Universities”

salingPUSA said...
September 10, 2008 at 5:33 PM

I graduated from a University in Pangasinan. I don't know though I have this PRO-LASSALE feeling all the time. Maybe part of my fascination for the rich and the elitista in the Philippines. They are just fun sometimes. Animo La Salle....kkkk

Curbside Puppet said...
September 11, 2008 at 12:44 AM

actually, if you will only get to know these people from up close, you will know that they are nice and simple.
BREEDING teaches them to act normally. I actually hate the word "elitista". Of course, these people have the best things in life, but they are not elitista for elitista's sake. Gets mo?

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