Monday, September 29, 2008

Assorted What-nots

Pretend that you're reading the opinion pages of a broadsheet.
Right now, I feel like writing something but just couldn't think of the perfect topic to write about.

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Yesterday morning, I checked on some stuff that is deep buried inside my closet. I saw this messenger bag that I used years before. It had mold in it and it looked quite yucky. It was time for me to wash away the mold my bag had accumulated. I felt pretty bad because it was bought in America, using my own money!

* * * * * * * * * * *

So much for the Chinese milk scare, the TV had published days ago that the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs are recalling Nestle milk products. If Nestle was supposed to be the covergirl of utmost quality and yet their products have been recalled for possible melamine content, what more can we do? Enrich Australia more and buy Cowhead and Bonlac more?

* * * * * * * * * * *

A friend and I planned to throw a party at our house last saturday night and decided to take charge of the food. Since it would be mostly guys who were attending, we thought of hotdog sandwiches to feed our guests. We planned to have around 20-30 people to attend. We never mentioned that it would be a potluck event and asked a nice helper to cook the hotdogs that we bought (all 10 kilos of TJ Hotdogs!!!). It could have been a great evening hadn't some guests brought in some more food! Someone brought pancit and the other brought Krispy Kremes to feed 20 hungry boys! The result? We were only been able to cook 4 kilos of hotdogs and since yesterday night and earlier this breakfast, my family and our yaya's trying to consume all hotdogs! Too bad, my co-planner decided not to bring home even a kilo of jumbo hotdogs or two. Good thing, my folks are planning to host (yet again!) another get-together tonight for a friend who will be leaving us tomorrow morning. I guess my hotdogs will finally be all consumed!

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