Sunday, February 6, 2011

Manny Pacquiao On MTV Cribs

I was just doing YouTube a few minutes ago when I chanced upon this new MTV Cribs episode featuring Manny Pacquiao. I didn't know MTV Cribs was still alive. I used to watch this show as a teenager over and over again and I loved it whenever they feature homes of rappers and ballers. For sure, the homes of these guys were massive and ostentatious.

It's fun that they have featured Manny Pacquiao on that show. For a guy who earns $40 Million a year, his house seemed a little too low-profile. Of course, us Filipinos would know that his house in GenSan and probably his Laguna and Davao City homes would be a lot more grandiose than the one shown over in LA.

Wanna see how the LA home looked like? Check the video out!

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