Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nice Skyline

I'm sooo in loved with great skyline pictures. For sure, i'll be making tons of blog entries regarding beautiful skylines.
But for now, let me feature MY country's awesome skyline.
That picture on top is Makati's skyline. Makati is the financial hub of Manila, more like its very own Manhattan.
In the future, I'll be coming up with more skyline pictures.
But for now, enjoy this one.

(This photo is courtesy of Skyscraper City)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

haha! the backhand won!

Justine Henin a gagné son 2ème titre ouvert des USA sur une mode sterling samedi nuit passée.
Er, i hope my french was okay.
A seventh grandslam has fallen into the arms of the Belgian Backhand. Haha, she beat both Williams on straight sets. Talk about some nice spanking on American soil!
Allez Justine!

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the Best has again prevailed

well, i was SO right when i mentioned that roger federer would win the final. it was his 12th slam, 4th successive US open title on his 10th straight grand slam finals appearance.
ever since he won THAT wimbledon on july of 2003, i have never stopped rooting for him.
many people have been convinced that he probably would be the greatest of all time.
i believe it is so too. by the end of next year he would have 14 or 15 slams.
but anyways, it is so refreshing to see novak djokovic on the final.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Rooting for Djokovic

I'm definitely rooting for this guy to win 2007 US Open. This 20 year-old from Serbia has taken men's tennis by storm. From a top-20 player by year's start, he has leap-frogged (literally) to number three.
He has just defeated Carlos Moya convincingly in three sets in their US Open Men's Singles Quarterfinal. He has reached his third successive Grand Slam semifinal. He next faces David Ferrer of Spain. Surely, he'd defeat him to face THE Roger Federer in the final.
Say, he'd lose the final to Fedex (which is a 7-out of-10 possibility in my opinion), he still has developed a big name for himself in the North American hard courts.
Watch out for this guy on 2008 Australian Open!

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